Tips for Moving & Storing During Cold Winter Months in Logan, UT; Watch the Weather, Storing Furniture & Electronics & More

If you are fortunate enough to move during the coldest months of the year, it takes a little different approach than somebody that is moving during the summer. You need to make plans for extreme weather and temperatures. Economy Storage Logan would like to share some tips to help your move during winter a smooth one.

Watch the Weather When Moving During Winter Months

When you have settled on a date for your move, keep an eye on what the weather is doing. You may need to plan on being flexible with your moving date in case of bad weather. Usually moving truck companies and moving services can add a couple days to your moving reservations in case of inclement weather.

Day Before Moving & Move in Day Checklist

If it happens to snow or freeze while the sidewalks are wet, make sure you have them cleared and ready for moving day. You don’t want someone to slip and fall on ice, and most definitely don’t want to have to trudge through snow to and from the truck.

How to Protect Hardwood & Other Flooring when Moving Furniture

You don’t want the flooring of your old or new place to be completely ruined after moving in wet weather. It doesn’t take much moisture outside to make the bottom of your shoes a complete mess. Having people tracking in and out all day will do a number on your flooring. You can buy a plastic film that sticks to your flooring and offer protection. Extra cardboard boxes laid in main walkways will keep your flooring protected as well.

What Temperature to Leave an Empty House in the Winter

With people coming and going all day long, it doesn’t make sense to have your heat turned on. It won’t be doing any good and the furnace will be running nonstop. Save yourself the money and turn it off for the day. Don’t forget to dress for the colder surroundings though.

Storing Furniture & Electronics

Some electronics are sensitive to cold weather and you may need to take some time to protect them. Also, furniture made from solid wood can easily warp when exposed to extreme temperatures. Take the needed precautions to insulate boxes and furniture so that you don’t have any of your items damaged. Packing peanuts are great for adding insulation to your boxes.

Don’t Pack & Store All Your Blankets & Comforters

Even if the beginning of your snow day has clear blue skies, things can change quickly in the winter. Have some extra blankets and sheet accessible to cover your belongings in case it starts to snow or rain. You don’t want to have your belongings exposed to the wet weather.

Long & Short Term Storage Unit Rentals in Logan, Utah

If for any reason you need a storage unit to house some of your belongings until you are ready for the new place, Economy Storage Logan offers clean, well kept storage units to keep your personal items safe and protected until you are ready for them. Call us today!

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