How to Avoid Mice, Bed Bugs & Other Pests in Your Logan, UT Storage Unit; Use Plastic Containers, Never Store Perishable Food, Wrap Upholstered Furniture & More

If you are getting ready to store your items in a storage unit long term, the last thing you want is a pest infestation when you go to retrieve your belongings. There are several steps you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Economy Storage is here to share some tips and tricks that help you keep pests out of your storage unit.

Choose Plastic Storage Containers Over Cardboard Moving Boxes

When packing your belongings, opt for plastic containers that have a tight fitting lid rather than cardboard boxes. Even the sturdiest cardboard boxes can house pests. Mice can nibble their way through a box in no time to make a nest in the belongings inside. Bed bugs can’t climb smooth surfaces such as hard plastic. It may cost more upfront, but your things will be safer inside plastic containers.

Never Store Perishable Food in Your Storage Unit

When you store perishable food in a storage unit, it’s like you are asking pests to come make their way into your unit. They will sniff out food from a mile away. If you are unsure about what food you can store in your unit, think about food storage items as being acceptable. These include canned goods and MRE’s (meals ready to eat). Never store bread or other bakery products; or fresh or frozen foods such as fruits, vegetables and meats. If you are storing a refrigerator, make sure it has been properly cleaned and there isn’t any sign of food left behind. Not only would you have a pest problem when you came to retrieve it, but you would be dealing with a smelly mess as well. Many storage facilities don’t allow food to be stored in their units because of the problems it causes.

Pest Proof & Spray Your Unit Before Storing Your Belongings

Before you load your furniture and boxes into your unit, you can spray the unit with insecticide to keep the pests away. If you notice any holes or cracks that a mouse could fit through, you can put poison at the openings to keep them out. Just be aware, that when you do this you have to check the traps frequently to remove any dead rodents to avoid other issues in your unit.

Peppermint Oil Deters Mice & Spiders Naturally

If you don’t want to use rat poison in your unit, you can put a cotton swab saturated in peppermint oil to keep mice and spiders away. Peppermint oil is a natural deterrent for spiders as well as mice. You can place peppermint oil at any entry points as well as inside drawers and appliances to keep pests out.

Wrap Upholstered Furniture & Mattresses in Plastic for Long Term Storage

When storing upholstery, mattresses, or other soft furniture, you need to cover it with plastic to help pests move on to something else. Mice can chew their way inside your furniture and completely ruin it.

Consider Insurance

Third party insurance coverage is very inexpensive and can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting you against pest infestations. This will cover your belongings just in case any pests were to make their way into your unit.

Long & Short Term Storage Unit Rentals in Logan, Utah

Economy Storage does everything we can to keep pests out of units. By working together, we can have pest free units and keep your belongings safe. Call us today for any of your storage needs.

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