Economy Storage Logan is completely licensed and insured to supply many storage options for the local residents and businesses of Logan, Utah. For your convenience we are located across from the Logan, Airport, offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access, and have a variety of options for your storage needs. Economy Storage Logan has been conducting our services since 1985. With commitment, diligence, and dedication we began and continue to uphold a high moral standard and business ethic, family friendly oriented customer service, and storage accommodations.

Storage Unit Sizes Guide

Economy Storage Logan has available units for small or large containment, as well as options for long or short term storing. With regular office hours and 24/7 customer access keypad, and premium security features to safeguard your treasures, we are the most optimal solution for your storing needs.

Storage unit sizes are:
– 05’X10′ – $35.00
– 10’X10′ – $50.00
– 10’X15′ – $60.00
– 10’X20′ – $75.00

Commercial Business Storage Solutions

Commercial businesses throughout the Greater Logan, Utah area can find themselves in a bind when having limited space. Providing solutions for the business owners, Economy Storage Logan offers a variety of sized units at affordable rates so you can create the needed space at your commercial site. Commercial businesses may find the need to store a wide range of items including; data entry files, documents, excess products, supplies, equipment, and even upgrade or remodeling materials. No matter your commercial storage needs, Economy Storage Logan has you covered!

Residential Home Storage Solutions

Residential storage needs in Logan, Utah and surrounding areas, are vast. Moving circumstances are a primary need for storage, along with storing valuables, additional possessions that are better suited stored, to keep your home from being over cluttered or to hide large holiday gifts from loved ones. There are plenty of reasons why a local resident of Logan, Utah may need to utilize a storage facility. With Economy Storage Logan we have a series of units, affordable rates, and the duration of your storing needs are flexible.

Packing Tips for Storage Units

Moving or simply conducting some home remodeling or renovations can require you to seek storing conformance. Economy Storage Logan has units available with easy attainable pricing, no matter if you need long term or short term needs. To help you on your journey, we have listed a few tips and some advice on packing and storing your possessions.
– Pack heavy objects in smaller boxes. Large boxes filled with heavy objects can cause the box to break through the bottom and be rendered useless, or simply too heavy to lift.
– Avoid used pre-used boxes, at the very least, for delicate and fragile objects. Used boxes are weak and compromised, suitable for linens and clothes at best, but for everything else invest in strong, new boxes.
– Uniform boxes. In addition to new boxes, try to get several boxes of different sizes to make storing the boxes in your Economy Storage Logan storage unit more organized.

Short & Long Term Storage in Logan, Utah

Economy Storage Logan is passionate about the locals in the Greater Logan, Utah area having a pleasurable experience with your storage unit needs. With the use of our facility, your belongings, commercial or residential oriented, will be safe and secure with 24/7 access. Call us today to get started!

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