Essential Moving Supplies, Packing List & Storage Unit Checklist in Logan, UT; Boxes, Shrink & Bubble Wrap, Furniture Covers, Packing Paper & More

Moving can be a miserable process. Trying to organize and purge your belongings in preparation for moving is a big job. There are a few supplies that can really change the way you pack, and will make moving a little easier. Economy Storage has compiled a list of moving supplies you want to make sure you have when preparing to move or prepare your belongings for storage.

Moving Supplies & Packing List of Essential Items You Can’t Afford Not to Have

When you are in the midst of moving and packing, you will take anything that will make the job a little less painful. Here is a list of things you can’t afford not to have when moving!
1. Durable Boxes– It might be tempting to compile as many boxes as you can when getting ready to move, but not all boxes are created equal. If you aren’t using boxes that are meant for moving, they might not be strong enough to withstand the weight of several boxes stacked on one another. You don’t want them to collapse and break down, ruining or damaging your belongings.
2. Shrink Wrap & Bubble Wrap– These two items can be a lifesaver when moving. Shrink wrap is handy to keep any drawers closed or to wrap several items together. If you are dealing with fragile items, you can wrap them in bubble wrap followed by shrink wrap to ensure they are safe throughout the moving and storing process.
3. Mattress & Furniture Covers– Covers that are made for your mattress and furniture are inexpensive and will keep your mattresses and soft furniture clean during the moving process. They come in varying shapes and sizes to fit different sized objects.
4. Packing Paper & Foam Peanuts– These two things come in handy for keeping your items safe in boxes. By wrapping things or packing the box with foam peanuts, you are keeping your belongings from shifting too much in the transfer from one place to another and avoiding unnecessary damage to your things.
5. Specialized Boxes– You probably have odd shaped items that you might want to consider specialized boxes for. They are great for moving televisions and computer monitors. It might be worth the money to keep those valuable items safe.
6. Tape– You will need more tape than you think. Get a durable tape that will hold the boxes together without coming undone and allowing them to fall apart. When you think you have enough, buy one more roll.
7. Markers– Itemized lists on the outside of the boxes will make finding your belongings after the move much easier. List everything you can because you most assuredly forget what you packed in each box. You can even consider using color coded markers for different areas of the house.
8. Furniture Pads– You can rent furniture pads from most moving truck rental companies and they will come in handy when trying to keep table tops and other belongings from getting scratched during the move.

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Moving is no fun, but this list will help the process be less difficult. Economy Storage offer storage units of all sizes to help keep your belongings safe. Call us today!

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